In all the paathashalas every year Geeta recitation, essays, debates, recitation of texts, recitation of stories etc will be conducted compulsorily. Competitions at state level are also conducted in the same areas.

1. Competitions for Prathamaa classes

a. Geeta recitation
b. Recitation of stories(Sanskrit stories)
c. Recitation of texts(reading in Sanskrit)

2. Competitions for Kaavya classes

a. Memorising and recitation (Kumarasambhava 5th canto)
b. Essay writing (on kaavya)
c. Delivering Talk(on kaavya)

3. Competitions for Saahitya classes

a. Memorising and recetation(Ashtadhyayi,1,2chapters or tarka sangraha shabdabodha)
b. Essay writing (on shastric subject)
c. Delivering Talk(on shastric subject)

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