Calendar for the year

Annual time table for the year 2012-2013

  1. School Admission starts :30-05-2012

  2. Last date for Admission:15-07-2012

  3. Half year and annual holidays should be considered like normal schools.

  4. Exams:
  5. a) Tests:August and December

    b) Mid-Term Exams:September or October

    c) Annual School Exams:February or March

  6. National and Special Days:

    a) January 26th:Republic Day

    b) August 15th:Independence Day

    c) October 2nd:Gandhi Jayanti

    d) Kaalidaasa Jayanti

    e) Vaalmiki Jayanti

    f) Vyaasa Poornimaa

    g) Geetha Jayanti

    h) April 9th:Karnataka Sanskrit University foundation day

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