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‘Best Performance Award’ for Samskrita Pathashalas

More than 300 aided and unaided Samskrita pathashalas are currently active in Karnataka. Students in these pathashalas take up and pass the Prathamaa, Kaavya and Saahitya examinations conducted by Directorate of Samskrit Education. The ‘Best Performance Award’ is intended to recognise and encourage those pathashalas which perform well and obtain the best results in these examinations.


  1. Only officially recognised pathashalas which perform well in the Prathamaa, Kaavya and Saahitya examinations will be eligible for this award.
  2. Three pathashalas from each circle (Bangalore, Mysore, Dharwad and Chitradurga) of the state will be selected for the award based on their performance.
  3. The award will consist of a memoir and a certificate.
  4. Performance in the Prathamaa, Kaavya and Saahitya examinations will be considered separately each year for the award.
  5. In case there are pathashalas with similar performance, awards will be decided based on the number of students studying in the pathashala (pathashala with higher number of students will be preferred), and also based on First and Second class results.
  6. Based on recommendation by the Directorate of Samskrit Education, the list of pathashalas eligible for the award will be approved by the Vice-chancellor. This decision is final.
  7. Each of the four circles (Bangalore, Mysore, Dharwad and Chitradurga) will be awarded three prizes each.
  8. All teachers from the prize-winning pathashalas will be invited for the award ceremony.


Schools with outstanding results in the year 2010-2011

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